last update: 16-08-2022



News & Events

Since MAHAK ‘s success lies in invaluable efforts of pioneer volunteers, Iranian friends inside and outside Iran, it intends to share what is happening at MAHAK with its partnerships and volunteers in order to inform them about all details.
All dears who are interested to be aware about the latest events, news and upcoming events can find more details by visiting News & Events section.

Chizar Office Inaugurated

MAHAK has been always considering the rapidly expanding and maintaining of the relations with its members and philanthropist in order to support more children with cancer. For this purpose, MAHAK has established various offices throughout Iran and the

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MAHAK's flag at Everest

Hamid Dehghan, an Iranian mountain climber who has climbed to the peak of Everest, said: “In our country, climbing Mt. Everest is seen as an unattainable and impossible goal, whereas this is not the case. In my opinion, most mountain

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