last update: 06-07-2022


Every year Iranians celebrate the evening before the last Wednesday of the Persian calendar’s year in a fun-filled event known as ‘Chaharshanbeh Souri’ or ‘Festival of Fire’.  As the Persian New Year begins on the first day of spring, this event celebrates the end of one year and ushers in the next.
‘Chaharshanbeh Souri’ which can literary be translated as Wednesday Feast provides an opportunity to shed all the sickness and malaise of the past year while asking for health and success for the upcoming one. While jumping over fire, Iranians recite what translates to: “I give you my yellow (i.e., malaise) and I take your red (i.e., health).
MAHAK also celebrates this day by setting up fire and invites its children and their families to join MAHAK social workers and volunteers in this old tradition. This year children joyfully jumped over the fire, took photos and enjoyed celebratory music played for them They experienced an unforgettable day amongst their families and MAHAK staff.
We are grateful to all supporters, volunteers and friends whose assistance enables us to hold such events for cancer-stricken children and their families, and hope for all children around the world a year full of health, happiness, and success.