last update: 06-07-2022


In 2013 World Kidney Day, 14th of March, under the global theme of ’Stop Kidney Attack!’, we hope to raise awareness and promote education on kidney disease and its associated health problems, leading to improved prevention and treatment of kidney diseases across the globe.
We would like to draw attention to common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy that cancer patients often experience not only in the course of treatment, but even years after being cured. Kidney damage can be cited as an example of these effects which many people might not be aware of. It is noteworthy that kidney cancer as an important type of kidney disease, if caught early, can often be managed, and kidney damage can be slowed or stopped just like what occurred in the case of Kiana.
Kiana, whose predicament triggered founding of MAHAK,  was diagnosed with kidney cancer 24 years ago. Successfully fighting an arduous battle, she not only survived, she thrives.
Thanks to this victory, her mother, Ms. Saideh Ghods founded MAHAK - a charity-care organization for cancer-stricken children and their families in Iran that in its two-plus decades of activity strives to prevent the late effects of cancer treatment like kidney damage, by embarking on a campaign of education and information sharing regarding early detection and possible prevention of pediatric cancer. 
We express our sincere appreciation to all communities and organizations that consistently strive to provide all kidney damaged persons in the world with required and proper health care and supportive services thus raising the quality of their lives and hope that one day, with such support, all people live their lives in a healthy and hopeful fashion.