last update: 19-09-2022



A different holiday mood with joy and excitement of football was prevalent.

On Tuesday 29th of January, Abfa indoor stadium hosted 1200 spectators of MAHAK’s family for a charity football match. The MAHAK-staff soccer team competed against the celebrity-stars team including actors and singers who have formed a team for charity and fund raising activities.

The stadium was filled with spectators beaming with joy and excitement. They had prepared some chants and placards and were beating drums in support of both teams.

The atmosphere benefitted immeasurably by the presence of Mr. Kamran Shokri and Mr. Saeed Nasiri, two of MAHAK’s children who not only survived cancer but succeeded in reaching the highest plateau of sports by earning medals in recent Paralympics and world games. Their presence and support alongside other MAHAK children and parents reinforced our conviction that ’Cancer is not the end’.

As always, all the revenue generated by this event will be spent on medicine for and treatment of children suffering from cancer.

MAHAK fully appreciates all the kindness and support benevolent members and volunteers selflessly provide which, through these types of activities, help children remain children, giving them hope and conviction, preventing them from becoming reclusive, and thus assisting them in maximizing their chances for recovery and returning to normal life afterwards.