last update: 19-09-2022



A question-and-answer session for parents of the cancer-stricken children took place on Tuesday, 22nd of December, with the participation of Dr. Azim Mehrvar, director of MAHAK hospital, and some of MAHAK children’s parents. In this meeting, while answering the parents’ questions and resolving their uncertainties about their children’s illness, necessary trainings and guidance on encountering the illness and their care during the treatment process were provided.

During treatment and recovery stages, parents of the children suffering from cancer function as critical partners to the professional medical team. Educating and training the parents about peculiarities of child-hood cancer and the aspects of diagnosis and treatment phases, side effects of the drugs, proper diet, crucial hygiene and psychological support are MAHAK’s permanent concerns. The objective of these trainings is to improve the quality of the children’s lives after recovery.

By increasing interaction between parents and physicians, MAHAK’s ever expanding family hopes to improve the quality of therapeutic and general medical services in support of children suffering from cancer in order to maximize children’s chances for recovery and returning to normal life afterwards.