last update: 16-05-2022



Bastan office was inaugurated on Monday December 24, 2012. The opening ceremony was attended by MAHAK Board of Trustees and Directors, a group of executive managers and staff, and the donating family of Farmanfarmaian.

Bastan is the 10th office space converted from sites donated by benefactors. This particular building is donated to MAHAK by Farmanfarmaian family in commemoration of their mother, Mrs. Masoumeh Tafreshi Farmanfarmaian. After restoration and refurbishment of the building, this office is ready under the tutelage of MAHAK Fundraising Department to receive public donations in support of cancer stricken children and their families.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Javad Karbassi-zadeh, MAHAK Chairman of the Board, welcomed attendees and stated that “in accordance with current strategic program of the institution and for facilitating relationship with philanthropists and supporters, MAHAK intends to expand its presence via offices throughout Tehran and, in the future phase, throughout Iran.” He also remarked: “Bastan is the first office of Fundraising Department equipped for two functions: on the first floor, MAHAK specialists are present to introduce the institution and its activities to philanthropists as well as highlighting the various fundraising activities and the ever-increasing process of facilitating donations and contributions.  On the second floor, all activities regarding Donation Box department’s undertakings are carried out.”

Then, Alinaghi Farmanfarmaian, as the representative of the donating family who played an instrumental role in the transfer process said: “I am pleased that my family’s charitable intentions in supporting children with cancer has proved successful and hope that MAHAK as a capable and active institution can and does conduct the highest services to community.”

Ms. Saideh Ghods, Founder of MAHAK expressed her appreciation for continuous support and trust of all benefactors and briefly alluded to the background of charitable activities by Farmanfarmaian family. She commemorated Ms. Sattareh Farmanfarmaian as the founder of social work movement in Iran and cited: “Although Sattareh Farmanfarmaian was not in need of financial compensation, she never forgot the needs of the community. For all the effort she put into establishing the fundamentals of social work activities, she deserves the highest accolades.”

Then, as a symbol of gratitude, an appreciation plaque and a painting drawn by children under treatment in MAHAK was presented to Farmanfarmaian family by MAHAK founder. She added: “our benefactors thru their support have shown that humanitarian spirit is alive and well and this should serve as a model for others to emulate.”

We at MAHAK hope to increasingly benefit from these types of generosities enabling us to provide more and better services to children with cancer and their families for many years to come.