last update: 19-09-2022



The visit of Ms. Bode of MAHAK Hospital and Research Centre was one of the most prominent news of December.

Being the cofounder of International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organization (ICCCPO) as well as a local parent initiative Foerderkreis Bonn in Germany and CEO of German national organization of parent initiative are among the significant career achievements of Dr. Bode.

During her stay, she visited every ward of MAHAK hospital, had constructive discussions with the management of the organization and delivered a speech on “Support for and Rehabilitation of Parents of Children with Cancer”. In this presentation she explained about “Foerderkreis Bonn” which is an initiative of parents of children with cancer in Germany with the aim to help other families faced with the traumatic reality of a child diagnosed with cancer.  With full support through every step of the way, the children and their parents are informed of the illness and every step of the treatment process, the psychological needs of the siblings of the patient taken care of, and systems already developed provide the requirements of returning to normal life such as continuing education during the treatment process.

The presence of such prominent individuals in MAHAK provides the opportunity to share knowledge and experience, discuss best practice methods undertaken in the two environments, and improve the quality of therapeutic and general medical services in support of children suffering from cancer.

We thank Dr. Bode for her visit and earnest discussions both congratulating MAHAK for its unique accomplishments as well as sharing the social, medical, and legal experiences of a life dedicated to making a significant difference in societal responsibilities toward childhood cancer.