last update: 19-09-2022



We all know what different colors of ribbons stand for. Pink Ribbon is a designated symbol for breast cancer and Red Ribbon for Aids but have you ever heard of Gold Ribbon?

In 1997, a group of parents started discussing the selection of a universal awareness ribbon for their children with cancer. Many colors were considered, but after much thought, it was decided that the color gold was the perfect choice for their cause. Gold is a precious metal, perfect color for symbolizing how precious children are to their parents and to society as a whole. Subsequently, the first Gold Ribbon product was developed and promoted as the universal symbol for childhood cancer awareness.

We at MAHAK are continuously discovering novel ways of raising public awareness about devastating illnesses with the hope that parents and other members of community will in the future benefit from the advantages of early detection and diagnosis.

We are hopeful that with your help the Gold Ribbon will one day become as prominent as the Pink Ribbon, knowing that it too started out small but with commitment and determination of active few grew into a universal symbol widely recognized.