last update: 19-09-2022



The first pediatric stem cell transplant for Retinoblastoma in Iran

The first stem cell transplantation for treatment of a 4 year-old girl with eye tumor (Retinoblastoma) was successfully conducted in the Stem Cell Transplant unit in MAHAK Hospital.

In a press conference held on 11th of December which was planned to coincide with the release of the patient, MAHAK’s specialists responded to all the queries concerning this unique surgery, provided information regarding this curable disease and informed the media about dedicated information on this special event.

At the beginning of the conference Dr. Mardawig Alebouyeh, a prominent oncologist and member of the board of trustees, welcomed everyone and delivered a speech on the establishment of MAHAK and the importance of stem cell transplantation in the treatment of children with cancer.

After that, Dr. Azim Mehrvar director of MAHAK hospital announced a comprehensive report of the five year activities and progresses in the areas of treatment, teaching and training, and research in MAHAK hospital.

Mr. Arasb Ahmadian, managing director of MAHAK, while expressing his appreciation to all the individuals and philanthropists who with their love and generosity have helped establish a charity and hospital providing support and assistance for children with cancer and their families, stated   transparency, trust, and accountability as the most valued principles in MAHAK, have contributed immeasurably in making MAHAK a trusted organization for different strata of society.

Afterward, Dr. Amirabbas Hedayati Asl chief resident of stem cell transplantation ward presented a full report of the formation, equipping, and the use of the facilities. Addressing the importance of informing parents about the symptoms and early diagnosis of eye tumors, he said: “It takes no more than 20 seconds for parents to detect symptoms by looking into their child’s eyes once they know what to look for.”

Committed to updating and exchanging knowledge and experience and enhancing the quality of the educational services, MAHAK Specialized Hospital & Research Center regularly conducts conferences and other knowledge sharing programs like information campaigns in order to improve public awareness about early detection of disease and the quality of therapeutic and general medical services available for successful treatment. In line with this mission, MAHAK undertakes media activities which functions as an excellent conduit for contributing to communal awareness about cancer.

Masoumeh, the 4 year-old girl who underwent the successful transplant procedure left MAHAK for her hometown wishing all the children she met a healthy life. She brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes while saying good bye and expressing her appreciation. These moments of happiness were captured and will remain as an integral part of MAHAK’s memory bank for ever.
Experiencing such a precious moment was not possible without the foresight, commitment and hard work of MAHAK patrons and staff. We wish you were all here to share this momentous experience and hope that one day all cancer-stricken children receive adequate support for a life of health, dignity and fulfillment.