last update: 19-09-2022



MAHAK summer charity bazaar was held on September 6 – 7, 2012 serving more than 6000 visitors. There were nearly 50 stalls offering international and domestic cuisine, international cocktails, ice creams, cakes, salads, accessories, t-shirts, shawls and scarves, cushions, table mats, Dorsa Leather, stationery, make up, balloons, candles, toys, music, Hafez poetry, and vibrant plants among other things. There also was a stall presenting complimentary newsletters and brochures to the attendees.

Based on number of visitors, Koodak-o-Nojavan dictionary and Rozaneh Publication were two of the most favorite stalls in this event.

The atmosphere benefitted immeasurably by the celebrities and social VIPs who mingled openly with everyone around. MAHAK is fortunate to enjoy the support of all the strata of society including well known artists and athletes who not only actively support cancer-stricken children but also make them happy merely by their presence.
Revenue generated by the bazaar:

The Bazaar managed to raise 2,753,029,640 Rials which as always will be spent on medicine for and treatment of children suffering from cancer.
Cinere Company was the main financial sponsor of this event and Rozaneh publication, RC Car, Koodak-o-Nojavan Publication were some of the other benefactors.