last update: 19-09-2022



Before the new school year started, MAHAK children enjoyed an exclusive two-hour play period with unlimited access to all toys and equipments available in Chamran Complex along with their parents and being assisted and served by members of MAHAK Support Services department.

The other thing which made them overjoyed was the presence of Amou Fitileh among them with whom they took photos and experienced a pleasant time.

As mentioned, the children’s families took part in all of the activities as well and, by all standards, enjoyed themselves no less than the children.


True to form, MAHAK Support Services department, which is responsible for the general welfare of the children and their families, regularly plans such activities.  Every year before the schools start, the mentioned department arranges for similarly enjoyable activities for children and their families.

MAHAK fully appreciates all the kindness and support benevolent members and volunteers selflessly provide which, through these types of activities, help children remain children, giving them hope and conviction, preventing them from becoming reclusive, and thus assisting them in maximizing their chances for recovery and returning to normal life afterwards.