last update: 28-09-2023



I am willing to forgo the remaining days of my life

To live just one more day in a world where:No child sells flowers on crossroads

No kid burns Esfand (Peganum harmala) for others on the street

No envious look of any child zooms on my child in the back of the car

No hungry, sleeping or drugged out child under the ragged veil of a women eats and breaths dust on the sidewalk

No young girl reaches out her hand for a token help from an uncaring, dissociated  person

No young boy goes to bed hungry due to being accused, beaten or abused otherwise because he has failed to earn enough

The birth of no baby is just the result of one night of thoughtless pleasure seeking, but whose birth and innocent life after is intended and planned in advance, and whose entrance into a new world is thus celebrated.

The world full of sanctity and holiness where the kids who are the frail messengers of all that is good instead of facing a  life  of anger, poverty and ignorance are nurtured in love and blessing.

With the hope for that day,

We salute the world on the occasion of World Child's day