last update: 19-09-2022



MAHAK’s child yesterday, Paralympics silver medalist today. Your support for MAHAK children creates champions.

Kamran Shokri Salari was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma when he was 13 years old from which time he has been under MAHAK’s comprehensive support.His leg was amputated as a result of growth of cancer. But he never lost hope and his will to not only survive but excel resulted in climbing a truly momentous peak by earning silver medal in the field of javelin throwing in London Paralympics Games in September 17, 2012, thus bringing glory to MAHAK and Iran.  MAHAK Charity Organization congratulates Kamran, his family, and Iranians all over the world for this tremendous victory.

However, as the list of his international accomplishments below indicates, the 21-year old Kamran can already be considered a champion for the ages in discus, javelin, and shot put throw:

•    Gold medal in International Javelin, Berlin 2012
•    Gold medal in International Youth Javelin, 2011
•    Gold medal in Javelin, 2011 Asian Para Games
•    Gold medal in Discus throw and Silver medal in Javelin, 2009 Japan Olympics
•    Gold medal in Discus throw and silver medal in shot put, 2009 Asian Youth Games
•    Gold medal in Javelin, a breaking the world record by 3.39 m
•    Bronze medal in Disk launch, 2011 UAE Paralympics Game (IWAS)

This success indicates once again that cancer is not the end of life and with your invaluable support, not only cancer stricken children can traverse the road to recovery, they can achieve hero status for all of us in spite of the difficult journey travelled.