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MAHAK hosted the Rickshaw Circus Team on August 22, 23th 2012

The Rickshaw Circus Team who began their humanitarian journey from Afghanistan, reached MAHAK on August 22, 2012. According to their program, they are touring with a colorfully painted, motorized rickshaw through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey and work with children, youth and young adults in schools, orphanages, hospitals and refugee camps between June and August 2012.
On the first day, they had a fascinating performance for children at MAHAK amphitheater saloon. Children were impressed by their outfit and make-up. They entertained children with marvelous tools such as poi, ball juggling, scalf juggling and so on. Children trained to juggle so they experienced something different and of course new. This event brought broad smiles to the faces of many children who participated in this event alongside their parents.
On the second day, rickshaw circus organized a workshop for MAHAK team consists of psychologists and volunteers who spend time with children at MAHAK play rooms. In this workshop, MAHAK team got a clear picture about the social circus and its positive impact on children. Finally, the rickshaw circus trained the MAHAK team in juggling so that they can entertain the children while spending time in the play rooms.
In the end, parents and children shared their feedback about the rickshaw circus performance. They expressed pleasure, satisfaction and they also wished that the performance had lasted longer.
The rickshaw circus has planned to visit the earthquake-affected areas in Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran in order to disseminate smile and hope among them.
We wish them all the best and we hope that all children throughout the world receive the required support and assistance for a life of health, dignity and fulfillment.
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