last update: 19-09-2022



In May 2012, MAHAK Highly Specialized Pediatric Hospital discharged its first patient home who underwent a bone marrow transplant successfully. Fatemeh, who was suffering from Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia for one and half year, now is looking forward to sitting in her lounge chair and sleeping in her own bed enjoying a well health condition .
Fatemeh left MAHAK for her town while she wished all children a healthy life. She brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes while saying good bye and repeating  this sentence ’I  have got a new life’. The moments of happiness were captured and stuck on MAHAK’s memorial book.
Stem cell transplant for children became operational in September 2011 at MAHAK pediatric highly specialized hospital. Experiencing such a precious moment was not possible without the foresight, commitment and hard work of MAHAK patrons and staff.
We hope that one day all cancer-stricken children receive  adequate support for a life of health, dignity and fulfillment.