last update: 19-09-2022



Haji Firouz is the individual who traditionally heralds Nowruz (Iranian New Year). He is dressed in red with a flat hat and soot-covered face. His mission is to announce to everyone that spring is in the air, to cheer them up, make them laugh, and to usher in the new year with happiness and laughter.
He plays the drum while dancing and singing his special song which carries a message of delight, laughter, and forgiveness on this occasion.

This year, Haji Firouz has decided to come to MAHAK and bring broad smiles to the concerned faces of children and their families while giving them hope. He began his journey through MAHAK from 10th of March and will continue to do so over the course of two weeks leading to Nowruz. During his first visit to MAHAK, he knocked on each and every child’s room, sang the Nowruz song with a humorous accent, danced while asking them uplifting questions, and encouraged them to talk about their dreams and plans for the upcoming year.

During Haji Firouz’s stay at MAHAK, he is going to entertain the children with various activities such as musical chairs, group dancing, foosball, etc. He will depart MAHAK after two weeks while wishing the children a prosperous and healthy 1391.

We at MAHAK also wish for the day that every child defeats cancer and spreads the herald of Nowruz year after year.