last update: 28-09-2023



Firefighters visit MAHAK

their therapy.
The children’s happy faces at the sight of these brave men with the uniforms & special hats were amazing. They were happy & exited to take picture with firefighters & spend time with them.
One of the firefighters realized how interested the children were they invited to their headquarter on 7 Oct. 2011. Friday 7 Oct. was the memorable day for children.  A day that may not to be forgotten easily. They arrived at the station & were allowed  to see  & touch all instruments. They climbed the ladder & enjoyed themselves so much that at the end of visit many of them chose & wished to become a firefighters as the favorite career.
We leave & wish for the day when some of our cured children will become firefighter in Iran & we have the 36 station firefighter to thank for.