last update: 16-08-2022



Breaking Piggy Banks Bazaar

was the thirteen breaking piggy banks bazaar that held in the favor of cancer-stricken children supported by MAHAK.

This bazaar is held every year at the closest day to the international childhood day,  8th October, and this year also many booths were designated to entertain children participated in this bazaar to support MAHAK children  such as children makeup booth, intellectual games, balloons, dolls, painting with watercolor and so on.
One of special booths was MAHAK’s children booth. In this booth,  the handiwork of children support cancer-stricken such as designed piggy banks, drawings, present boxes and so on was sold.
In addition, MAHAK volunteer social workers who always support MAHAK in various bazaars with selling their yummy traditional and homemade food in favor of children with cancer. The place was filled with the wonderful smell of these meals.
MAHAK fundraising department also participated in this bazaar by having booths to collect  and distribute piggy banks as well as receiving membership fees and public donations. This bazaar raised 606,802,500 million rial that there was a 36%  increase compared to the previous breaking piggy banks bazaar. In addition, the revenue raised from membership fees and cash were 32,232 and 63,345  million rial respectively.
The booth was run by MAHAK quality assurance and public relations was in charge of receiving  comments and feedbacks as well as respond to the questions asked by visitors.
The bazaar came to an end  while with the tremendous participation of volunteers, philanthropists and public the amount of 1,507,410,158 milliard rial was raised included revenues from selling tickets, piggy banks, membership fees, public donations and donations received from bazaar sponsor Coble Daroo Company.  This amount will be spent on treatment and medicine expenditures of cancer-stricken children.