last update: 19-09-2022



cell transplantation ward supported by one of our old friends , Mr. Aliasghar Salim and was supplied by a large number of MAHAK volunteers. Since, stem cell transplantation is one of the most important methods in cancer treatment, the need for establishing this ward in MAHAK hospital was found very crucial by our specialists. Now this ward works actively as a referral center of stem cell transplantation for cancer-stricken children.

At the beginning of the ceremony, this ward was inaugurated by one of MAHAK children and Aliasghar Salim. The guests visited the facilities of ward after they assembled in amphitheatre saloon to attend the ceremony. Then, Dr Alebuie “member of the board of trustees” said: In Iran when you begin a charity work, Iranian people help you eagerly, “Construction and equipping of stem cell transplantation ward during one and a half years is a typical sample for this fact”.

Then, the message from MAHAK founder who had traveled to abroad and could not attend the ceremony despite her enthusiasm, was read for guests. After that Dr Azim Mehrvar “MAHAK hospital president”  announced a comprehensive report of the five year activities in treating, teaching, researching as well as their progresses. Afterward, Dr Hedaiati “president of stem cell transplantation ward” presented a full report of activities and facilities that are provided in the ward and also described how the ward established and equipped with.

Dr Abolghasemi president of the Blood transfusion organization and manager of Shahid Beheshti university of medical science said: MAHAK is one of the effective factors in increasing the percentage of covered cancer-stricken children from twenty percent to eighty percent who are in remission and this has done since the seventies decade till now and will be continued .

In addition, managing a company is more difficult than establish it and needs so many supports to do so. presence of supportive systems especially in pediatric patients with cancer families and preservation of the family founded in tough times is a complementary therapy. So this is a fundamental target of MAHAK.

In the end, Professor Parvaneh Vossough a well known specialist in hematology, oncology offered a beautiful art work painted by MAHAK children to Aliasghar Salim for his efforts recognition.
We hope that with the help of all our family members, expand the services and take more steps toward pediatric cancer treatment.