last update: 28-09-2023



MAHAK received GIC standard

According to a survey and evaluation of two international entities “ as the GIC from England and T.T.I from Canada” MAHAK was nominated amongst the top ten organization for the 2011 award.
This ceremony was held in Kiev, Ukraine on 24th May 2011 with GIC chair of the board of trustees. Receiving this award will enable MAHAK to benefit from Canadian-British network services for a period of ten years.
GIC is one of the most well-known organization in the world to have the knowledge to approve organizations or institutes quality level.
This meeting was held with the aim of improving the quality level  in industrial and service companies throughout the world.
MAHAK always intends to work in line with the international standards framework in order to improve and develop the efficiency of its management system and we congratulate MAHAK’s big family for receiving this award.