last update: 28-09-2023


A cycle tourist voluntarily joined MAHAK CCAM campaign during his visit to Turkey and shared the message of Gold September among residents and tourists in this country. In addition to distributing gold ribbons as the symbol of childhood cancer, he communicated the early symptoms of six pediatric cancer according to GICC through a digital brochure. This brochure is designed by MAHAK according to its motto of early diagnosis will lead to less painful, less costly and more effective treatment.
Mr. Eslampor describes his adventure like this:
“On my way, I passed through more than 85 cities and villages of Iran and Turkey. Through the way, I tried to communicate with locals and tourists to introduce MAHAK Charity and its Childhood Cancer Awareness Month campaign (CCAM). On the other hand, In spite of language barriers I had to communicate with some people but I tried to invite them to get to know about MAHAK and CCAM. I shared the message of Awareness with more than 1000 people among which there were some people who were attracted by the golden banners and signs that I had installed on my bike. They scanned the QR code and started to search for MAHAK’s range of activities, to know the aim of this campaign, and to read the brochure of early symptoms. 
This trip was absolutely motivating for me since it had the very important aim of raising awareness about childhood cancer among different people even the ones who live in a small village in Turkey. All the time I had MAHAK children in my mind and wish them health. I hope this small quest for awareness will help these children and of course MAHAK Charity.”
MAHAK appreciates all individuals and organizations that assist us in sharing our messages with different strata of the societies to realize its mission of supporting all cancer-stricken children with no discrimination.
P.S. The individual’s photos in the following are Turkey residents.