last update: 19-05-2023


Dear Supporters, are you ready for a golden challenge? Today, take a closer look at your surroundings: for example, in your home or workplace, in the street or in the store you visit for shopping, in your grandparents' house, anywhere and everywhere, can you find something that is golden in color? If you find it, take a picture of it and share with us using the hashtags #Gogold, #Gogoldformahak and #Cureforall.
If you are curious what the use is, it is good to know that if one person, just one person, becomes curious and starts to find out what is going on, he will get to know about the raising awareness of childhood cancer, and this challenge will reach its goal.
Giving awareness always starts with one person and then this one person becomes more and more. That's when, with the increase in awareness about childhood cancer, early diagnosis is made, which leads to less painful, less expensive and more effective treatment. We look forward to your golden photos. Keep in mind to share this message with your loved ones.