last update: 26-10-2022


The advisor of the Minister of Health on Social Affairs and Secretary of the Working Group of Charitable Health and Public Partnerships, Mr. Reza Mahmoudi, had a meeting with Arasb Ahmadian, CEO of MAHAK in July 2022.
At the beginning of this meeting, Arasb Ahmadian gave a report on MAHAK’s performance and the challenges and limitations in medications transition due to the sanctions and difficulties through the banking transactions and networks.
The aim of this meeting was to communicate the complications and issues that a charity like MAHAK faces during which Mr. Mahmoudi emphasized facilitating charities' operations within the framework of law in order to provide desirable and beneficial services to people and patients.
Mentioning MAHAK’s active role in treatment of childhood cancer, he recommended to build cooperation between Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and MAHAK Charity to carry out research projects in the field of cancer care.
During the past 30 years of activity, MAHAK has always welcomed collaboration plans to provide better services for children with cancer and accompany them till their full recovery days.