last update: 10-01-2024


In the modern world, where technology continues to advance and due to the enormous popularity of e-books, the physical book is still the most common reading tool for children and teenagers. As it is clear in the enthusiastic and permanent acceptance of world book exhibitions by children and teenagers in all parts of the world. So, we also organized a program on the National Day of Children’s Literature, considering the importance of maintaining the quality of life of children during their cancer treatment.
Thus on National Children's Literature Day, we gifted a suitable book to all children who were at the hospital. We faced different reactions: From a two-year-old child whose first reaction was just to look at the book and a four-year-old child who started coloring books very early to the older children who take the look at their book by reading a few lines of it, to guess the rest of the book's story. But all the children had a point in common: book acceptance.
We believe that the continuation of such events can make a welcoming atmosphere for children to a lifelong love of reading. A world that can play a prominent role in their treatment process in addition to boosting mental education.