last update: 26-10-2022


Have you ever thought that in addition to a qualified physician or nurse, what other measures can have a vital role in saving human lives? You might say a good care center, quality medicine or proper mental condition of patients. However, all of these are important and so valuable, but in the process of treatment, only the operations can be cited which have been recorded in the patient file.
In fact, not recording a process is equal with not doing that process, even if it was actually done; therefore, patient care documentation in an integrated format is more important than it seems. Due to its importance, a workshop was set up at MAHAK Hospital for medical staff under this title. A workshop in which nurses were introduced to the current standards of the practice to provide safe, high quality and document-oriented treatment services for cancer-stricken children.
 Recording the details in a "clear, accurate and accessible" way is so significant. This method leads to an "effective clinical relationship" between different disciplines, which ultimately leads to the achievement of "safe patient care". Accurate documentation of the patients’ status will prevent interruptions or disruptions in the treatment process, and on the other hand the experts will access to full report of previous actions and treatments if needed. Moreover, this documentation will ease all the legal and insurance processes for the patients.