last update: 18-01-2023


A painting workshop was held for MAHAK children entitled “Health” with the cooperation of the Heart and Art group of USERN on June 11, 2022. 
This workshop was conducted in the presence of MAHAK psychologists, social workers, volunteers, and the members of USERN group with the aim of encouraging MAHAK children to participate in the 8th International Festival of Pediatric Patients Painting (IFPPP) which is going to be held in Oman as the host country.
MAHAK children has been participated in 7th IFPPP festival in 2021 and the art work of them along with 250 selected artworks from all over the world was published in the book of this exhibition.
All medical and supportive departments at MAHAK strive to maintain children’s normal flow of life as well as its quality along with continuing their treatment. Accordingly, creating suitable condition for a happy as well as proactive opportunities for cancer-stricken children through organizing such programs are among their operations.
All such joyful moments occur because of the support of the ever-growing family of MAHAK. We look forward to bid farewell to cancer in future with this care and support.
P.S. The Health and Art group (HEART) is a charity group with only one goal: "to maintain and improve the mental health of sick kids, all over the world".