last update: 18-01-2023



Dear MAHAK Family,

Congratulations to you and your loved ones on the occasion of the Persian New Year of 1401. We wish you health, happiness and success in the upcoming year and wish recovery and survival for all cancer-stricken children.
This is the third year of COVID-19 outbreak; and as we all know, the world has gone through difficult and challenging days during the past 2 years. Sanctions, on the other hand, have made a complicated economic situation in Iranian society. Correspondingly, MAHAK has faced many challenges resulting from the mentioned issues while ignoring any of them could interrupt provision of treatment and support services for cancer-stricken children.
Hereby, we are proud to announce that no cancer-stricken child has been deprived from receiving treatment and support services during the past years resulting from the support of Iranian civil society, MAHAK volunteers and our colleagues. Relying on three decades of strategic vision, we have always tried to improve our performance to have a more successful future. We, at MAHAK have learned that: What does not collapse an organization, it will make it stronger.
Moving forward in digital activity, making evolution in service provision for cancer-stricken children by recieving the membership of SIOP which is the policy maker in treatment protocols for pediatric cancer are among the future plans of MAHAK for the new year. Moreover, improving the skills and knowledge of staff as well as utililizing the voluntary capacities and plaaning for increasing the financial resources will support our plans.
At MAHAK, we believe that all cancer-stricken children and their families will pass the treatment days away from any worries as a result of the valuable support and companionship of ever expanding family of MAHAK throughout Iran including the benefactors, staff and volunteers.
Happy Nowruz
Arasb Ahmadian
Chief Executive Officer