last update: 10-01-2024


Dear MAHAK supporters, welcome to #ClosetheCareGap campaign with the aim of realizing equitable access to cancer care. 
You have all taken steps towards achieving the goals of this campaign for many years before this campaign. Do you ask how? By trusting MAHAK and supporting cancer-stricken children for closing the gaps in cancer care services.
The Support Services Department by which MAHAK initiated its activities, is the supporter of the primary goal of reducing the pains of cancer-stricken children and their families. Relying on this department's activities, MAHAK has supported over 40221 cancer-stricken children during the past 30 years.
Various support services are provided for all children suffering from cancer in the country. MAHAK aims to provide a condition as a result of which all pediatric patients in Iran have access to these services with equity. This aim has not been met yet but we are on the path of achieving this goal which is only possible with your care and patronage. Your support results in closing the care gaps and realizing the goal of the World Cancer Day campaign.
P.S. Tell your friends about this campaign and invite them to go orange in support of MAHAK children.