last update: 18-01-2023


Dear MAHAK family, 
Welcome to #ClosetheCareGap campaign.
‏These orange bracelets have been made by MAHAK volunteers to be sold on our website as a way for you to join the campaign and support cancer-stricken children.
‏As you already know, orange is the color for Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)’s World Cancer Day campaign. Using this color means stepping in the way for raising awareness towards cancer and closing the care gap in the diagnostic, treatment and support services for cancer-stricken children.
‏Post your photos in which you have orange bracelets on and tag @MAHAK Charity on them so that we can know the supporters who have joined this global movement who aim to make MAHAK’s voice be heard in the world.
‏Keep in mind that by buying these orange bracelets you both support MAHAK children for their treatment and medication expenses and join World Cancer Day campaign. Visit our website or refer to our offices to buy the bracelets.