last update: 18-01-2023


During the past few days, we have recommended a couple of ways through which you can join MAHAK’s campaign. Today, we are going to recommend some other ways and would like to ask you to give us some more ideas for promoting this campaign to raise the public awareness about childhood cancer. What is your recommendation? Comment it please.
The aim of this campaign is equity in access to cancer care for all children.
The campaign theme is #ClosetheCareGap and its color is orange.
How to join the #WorldCancerDay campaign:
Do you know any teachers who tend to run their classes with an orange theme? Can you negotiate for the orange illumination of a historical or famous landmark in your city? What about having an orange event in your workplace with social distancing? Can you join us by making orange artworks if you are an artist? And finally, you can share MAHAK’s posts and join our campaign which is most applicable.
Please tag MAHAK Charity on your campaign-related posts. We are awaiting your recommendations. Let’s #ClosetheCareGap which exists between cancer and survivorship.
By closing the care gap, everyone will have access to diagnostic, treatment and support services with equity