last update: 21-11-2023


Welcome to #MAHAKWCD2022 campaign. During the past three years, MAHAK launched a campaign based on UICC's WCD theme with the care and support of the ever-growing family of MAHAK. The aim of the past years' campaign (#IAMANDIWILL) was to increase awareness about childhood cancer among the society which will result in less painful, less costly and more effective treatment.
For the next three years, based on UICC’s announcement, the new theme is: #CloseTheCareGap. The ever expanding family of MAHAK is fully aware of the necessity of this theme for all patients. Since during the past 30 years, they have stepped in the path of closing the care gap in diagnosis, treatment and support services for cancer-stricken children by supporting MAHAK charity.
Join us and share the posts and stories of MAHAK's WCD campaign to make our voice be heard by different strata of the society. You will close the care gap with love.
P.S. We will ask you to change your profile photos tomorrow. Stay tuned to see the mentioned post. We appreciate your care and patronage.