last update: 21-11-2023


On the International Volunteers Day, two volunteer clowns visited children at MAHAK Hospital and entertained them by dancing, singing and joking.
Since late 2019 and to prevent the spread of COVID-19, strict rules were set at MAHAK Hospital to protect cancer-stricken children. Since then, the presence of non-medical staff and volunteers has been prohibited at the hospital wards. Today, after about 2 years, MAHAK children were surprised by seeing their old friends with big red noses and colorful clothes with whom a joyful atmosphere was once again created at the hospital.
We pay tribute to all who are concerned about improving the quality of life of cancer-stricken children and assist us in planning and holding exciting events while preserving children's health. We look forward to a future world full of happiness and with no pains for all the children across the globe.
P.S. The volunteer clowns were allowed to enter the hospital wards after submitting their negative PCR tests.