last update: 28-09-2023



MAHAK partnered with Hyperstar Chain Stores and launched the #gogoldformahak campaign to raise awareness towards pediatric cancer on the occasion of the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) during the whole month of September. In this campaign, some coupons were prepared with different prices and were offered in the cashier's section. Shoppers chose the coupon with their desired price and bought it in support of MAHAK's cancer-stricken children.


This campaign has been run since raising awareness about childhood cancer plays an important role in early detection of this disease which leads to less painful, less costly and more effective treatment. Above all, another aim of this joint collaboration has been covering a part of the treatment expenses for MAHAK children.


We, at MAHAK, pay tribute to all individuals and entities who are concerned about the cancer-stricken children and their families and support us to better accomplish our mission. May we celebrate the eradication of pediatric cancer all over the world as a result of the care and patronage of donors and supporters.