last update: 07-02-2023


This is MAHAK Charity, a place that is the result of Iranian people's benefaction and we are MAHAK's staff. MAHAK is not a simple workplace for us since we all work for a very important goal which is supporting children suffering from cancer and their families. Hearing about one of the children or talking about them while we are working, can change our day. No matter if we work in the medical or administrative team, we love MAHAK as our second home and MAHAK children as our loved ones and you are the members of this ever-expanding family.
Although the pandemic has changed life at MAHAK, like everywhere else, the medical staff stay side by side with the children as before. However, the administrative staff miss the children and hands are apart to preserve their health but their hearts are closer than before.
Thank you for your constant support towards MAHAK children during the past 30 years.
With love to all members of MAHAK family and our beloved children.