last update: 18-01-2023


He turned thirty this year; the same age as MAHAK. The story began when Amir started the 2003 academic year with enthusiasm and motivation but with severe headaches, nausea, poor vision and his eyes’ blackouts; Symptoms that recurred every day until a cerebellar tumor was finally diagnosed by neuroimaging. From the very first days, he became acquainted with MAHAK. Moreover, he began his battle with this chronic disease. Our hero eventually recovered after 14 years of fighting cancer, and up until today, there are no signs of relapse. After recovering, he received a Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) and has been working in his specialized field of study for 10 years.
MAHAK, similar to Amir, has gone through hard days to reach this age and today, after 30 years of supporting cancer-stricken children throughout Iran, we are pleased to announce that Amir is among the 1,365 recovered children from brain tumor. Amir turned 30 at the same time as MAHAK and blew out his birthday candles in the hope of attaining more success.