last update: 18-01-2023


Before the pandemic hit, it was usual at MAHAK that when children were resting, playing or getting IV injection; someone knocked on the door and guests arrived to create joyful moments for children. It was in 2019 when funny clowns with big lipped buffoon and red noses came to MAHAK and made our little angels thrilled. 
One of the nurses told the clowns:” If you make Matin laugh, I will give you a prize.” Then they did their best to bring smile back to the face of a child who did not laugh because of the side effects of medications. Matin’s face didn’t change when he saw the clowns but later on his laughter was heard in the corridor by seeing the acts of clowns.
Clowns of Inja/ Mian-e Shahr came to MAHAK to draw smiles on faces of our children to help them continue treatment with more motivation. Mission accomplished and children’s laughter spread in the hospital which was a precious gift for the volunteer clowns to wipe away all tiredness.
But it’s been a long time that no clowns have visited MAHAK children because their health is our most important concern. We should take better care of them till the eradication of COVID 19; we hope this day gets closer soon.
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