last update: 18-01-2023


Love has turned 30 at MAHAK. Reading this phrase only takes a few seconds but accomplishing it both requires and lasts a lifetime. Today is the day MAHAK was formally registered as a charity organization; the day we officially accepted the enormous commitment of supporting all cancer-stricken children regardless of gender or nationality. On that day thirty years ago, we made a sweeping promise to the parents of children with cancer all over Iran to stand by them and assist in any which way possible to take care of their little angels; a promise that has only been realized with complete reliance on your moral and financial support.
Never withhold your contributions and companionship from us in the path of providing treatment and supportive services for our little heroes. No matter how many years pass, we will steadfastly support them and their families during the most challenging times as long as we can count on you and your continuous support.
P.S. The logo in the photo has been designed to mark MAHAK's 30th anniversary which will be used in our media for the course of this year.