last update: 18-01-2023


Each color has its own independent meaning when it comes to health concepts. Orange is the color for UICC’s World Cancer Day campaign and it is used to raise awareness towards this disease on the occasion of the World Cancer Day - February 4. To join this campaign which aims to save more and more lives, you can use the color of orange. Take photos of orange objects around you and share them on your social media pages and caption: I am a member of MAHAK family and I support the cancer-stricken children in Iran.
Don’t forget to tag and mention @mahakcharity and @worldcancerday and use #iamandiwill #worldcancerday2021 hashtags. With this simple but valuable action we can raise awareness towards cancer. Awareness can lead to early diagnosis and less painful, less costly and more effective childhood cancer treatment.
So let’s pay special attention to the things around us to find the orange objects. Let’s turn orange together for a humanitarian goal