last update: 28-09-2023


We have introduced a variety of ways to join MAHAK’s World Cancer Day campaign and raise awareness about this disease and increase the rate of early detection which results in less painful, less costly and more efficient treatment for cancer-stricken children. As we had announced we would introduce different ways for more individuals and groups to join the WCD campaign to spread the word.
Today we would like to ask you to swipe and change your profile photo to #WorldCancerDay logo for 3 days on the occasion of the World Cancer Day (4 February) to spread the message of MAHAK family to the whole world.
Invite your friends to join to make “a place of love, a world full of hope” as vast as our whole country.
P.S. If you support us with changing your profile photo please take a screenshot of your profile page and send a direct message for MAHAK so that we can count the number of supporters and spread the message of Iranian benefactors to UICC.