last update: 28-09-2023



 I have been a member of MAHAK family for many years and I have witnessed its development and progress since my first day and have thus been proud of this charity organization. Learning from its voluntary participation in national and international assessments, MAHAK’s performance remains progressive and has attained a prominent position. I believe that the closely knit patronage of benefactors, volunteers, employees, business entities and experts will result in being the best among the community-based organizations as well as within its various fields of activity.

As the new Chief Executive Officer, I will try eagerly to continue MAHAK's development path in line with its past thirty years of activity to save more lives of cancer-stricken children and support their families so that in accordance with its vision statement, MAHAK will enjoy recognition as a noble charity organization all over the country that serves as a model for devising and implementing the assessment programs for national and international organizations alike. Undoubtedly, the generous support extended by the ever-growing family of MAHAK is the only cause for the victory of MAHAK heroes over cancer.
I implore your comradeship and support as the member of this ever-expanding family for sustaining this path.