last update: 26-10-2022


Arasb Ahmadian, the CEO of MAHAK for the past 15 years has been promoted to the board of trustees of MAHAK on voluntary basis. Following this promotion, Sharif Nezam Mafi has been selected as the incoming CEO and has already started his work officially in this new position. Nezam Mafi has had the experience of cooperation with MAHAK as a volunteer member of the boards of trustees and directors previously.
During the past thirty years of activity, MAHAK has strived to provide comprehensive care to cancer-stricken children relying on Iranian benevolent civil capacity and its ever expanding family’s trust as the cornerstone for its development.
MAHAK’s achievements on the threshold of the third decade of its life include: Supporting over 35,000 cancer-stricken children in total; providing active treatment and support services for over 20,000 under-treatment cases presently, and recovery of over 7600 children; building and running the only exclusive pediatric cancer hospital in Iran; obtaining the collaboration and memberships of international organizations such as the Consultative Status with United Nations 
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), voluntarily participating in international assessments and benchmarking, receiving the golden award from the Top Ten Award International Network, becoming the Gold Winner of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Global Project Achievement Award 2018 in the category of Sustainable Development Projects  and receiving the Gold Award from IPMA in 2014 in the category of Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Project (IFHAP), and finally receiving the 3rd grade of Delta Assessment Standard from IPMA are just some of the accomplishments we achieved with your help and support at the cusp of our 30th year of activity.
The quality and the immensity of the achievements mentioned enabled MAHAK to receive the score of 97.5% which stands as the highest ever among 328 organizations assessed by Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS) NGO Benchmarking, a designation achieved through seven previous rounds of continuous improvement. This is an honor which belongs to all the members of the Iranian civil society and MAHAK family. Such progresses prove that MAHAK has been able to adapt itself with international standards to the point of earning the top spot. Today, MAHAK tries to utilize the proven best global practices in organizational management running its vast operations.
While the whole world is coping with the tough condition imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, MAHAK has been able to unceasingly provide medical and support services to children with cancer in all public and university hospitals with pediatric oncology wards across Iran consistent with the development path it has undertaken. This has only become possible with the steadfast support of benefactors, employees and volunteers.
We wish the best for the new CEO of MAHAK in fulfilling his responsibilities in line with comprehensively supporting children with cancer. We highly appreciate and deeply value the efforts of the former CEO stemming from his knowledge, sincerity and ingenuity and are pleased to retain his valuable experiences in MAHAK’s board of trustees in support of our little heroes.
We believe that relying on the capacity of Iranian civil society and endeavors of all members of MAHAK family will result in more success and progress for our organization ensuring cancer-stricken children and their families will receive services of highest standards. As Hafez, the famous Iranian poet said: “To this lofty desire, we cannot attain; unless your favor advanceth some strides.”