last update: 26-10-2022



MAHAK has been selected as a finalist at Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) awards for its World Cancer Day campaign 2020 which was supported by different strata of the society including well-known artists and alike national and international cancer centric organizations.

The UICC Awards aim to identify and celebrate best practice across UICC members and inspire the cancer control community through their efforts.


MAHAK has promoted the World Cancer Day campaigns introduced by UICC since 2016. In this line, activities and measures have been launched by MAHAK to raise awareness in the society toward cancer and encourage people to know more about this phenomenon.


In 2020, MAHAK expanded the span of activities and involved many different groups of the society as a result of which thousands of people joined and took part and millions were informed.


UICC’s three-year (2019-2021) theme for WCD campaign has been I Am And I Will with the aim of announcing the public that every individual can have a share in cancer control. Therefore, MAHAK focused its attention in promoting this notion and devised its plans in a way to involve people from all walks of life as a result of which 150 artists shared their I Am And I Will posts on their social media and thousands of people did the same with this awareness-raising action.

Other measures of MAHAK in 2020 campaign have been announced previously and you can the full report in this regard in the following link: