last update: 21-11-2023



The founder of MAHAK, Saideh Ghods as the Childhood Cancer International (CCI) regional board member, participated in CCI’s Annual General Assembly (AGA) 2020 which was held virtually in October due to pandemic impact and restrictions in traveling. During this meeting, MAHAK's membership status got promoted to full member of CCI through the vote of the participants.

During this meeting, the current year achievements of this association in addition to the campaigns and awareness-raising measures taken during the month of September by the member organizations and collaboration development plans were discussed.  

Moreover, the new president of the CCI, Mr. Joao Maria De Lencastre De Braganca elaborated on the 2020-2021 executive plan of this organization with the following axes: Advocacy and strategic partnerships, capacity development and communication, and research and knowledge.

The 2021-23 second three-year executive plan in the GICC WHO project was introduced in this AGA focusing on the following objectives: 1. Introducing pediatric cancer as one of the priorities in the field of healthcare across the globe and the hashtag related to this project #cureall; 2. Introducing and implementing WHO guidelines for the nutrition of children with cancer in select countries (Ethiopia, Myanmar, Ghana, Fiji and Peru); 3. Planning and deploying integrated support systems for children with cancer and their families with the aim of improving their quality of life with a focus on promoting public participation; 4. Supporting the palliative care program developed by the WHO and introducing relevant guidelines to the beneficiaries of this program.

In the end of the session and after discussing the above-mentioned issues, MAHAK was elected as a full member of Childhood Cancer International. MAHAK has always been keen on promoting collaboration with national and international organizations in order to play an evermore active role in childhood cancer care policy making and provide continuously improving services to cancer-stricken children and their families. We hope such endeavors will lead to the recovery of all MAHAK children and look forward to celebrating the eradication of cancer across the globe.