last update: 18-01-2023


Have you passed by Milad Tower recently? Have you noticed its illumination? Do you know why it has been illuminated gold?
This question has not just been asked about Milad Tower. In Brussels, the citizens who passed by the European Parliament have thought about the same thing. In Birmingham, a biker who passed by The Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower has had the same question or a person who is passing by BT tower. A little girl in Shenzhen, China and a boy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia asked this when they saw the tallest towers of their city. A grandmother and a grandfather in Toronto, Canada had the same question when they saw CN tower in gold. This is the answer: September is the Childhood Cancer Awareness month and since gold is the childhood cancer awareness color, some landmarks have been lit up in gold to remind everyone how important it is to know about this cancer and become aware of its symptoms. The earlier childhood cancer gets diagnosed, the easier and less expensive would the treatment be.
Now it is the time to increase our information about childhood cancer and tell others about it as well.