last update: 10-01-2024


“When I got MAHAK’s donation box and put in the terrace I never thought such an interesting thing would happen. At first a pigeon sat on the box for a couple of minutes and I thought it needed to relax. But when I saw it was making a nest by collecting twigs and leaves, I decided not to bother the lovely bird and not to disappoint it. The birds stayed in our terrace and on MAHAK’s donation box until their eggs hatched and their family became bigger with the presence of the baby pigeons. When I looked at them I said to myself that love brings love and when on MAHAK’s donation box love and life continue, they will also be given to children with cancer by our donations. That’s why I sent you this photo to let you know that this box is a nest for a motherly love.”
Our hearts were filled with love when we received this photo from one of MAHAK’s donors. We know that this box can’t be given back to MAHAK before the little birds learn to fly. But there are online channels through which you can make donations from inside the country.