last update: 18-01-2023



Coronavirus has had lots of negative results on our lives all over the world. However, despite all the hardships and losses it has brought about, some lessons can be learned from what this phenomenon has done to us. One of these most important lessons is that the health of every one of us is related to the other one like the rings in a chain; therefore your health affects everyone else’s health.

To us, as supporters of cancer-stricken children of MAHAK the wellbeing of our children is as important and precious as yours. Today, the simplest way to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus is wearing a facemask in our daily interactions; therefore, let’s be attentive about the air we breathe while we abide by social distancing guidelines.

MAHAK attempted to raise awareness towards social distancing by tweaking its logo for a couple of months.

Now, before changing our logo to the original one; we have decided to raise awareness towards wearing facemasks by having the three little ones in our logo wear them for 24 hours. We hope no one forgets wearing facemasks before going out.

Let’s create the health chain together in order to break the Coronavirus spread chain. Let’s keep in mind that protecting ourselves to stay healthy is protecting everyone.

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