last update: 28-09-2023



The CEO of MAHAK, in his interview with MAHAK’s Public and International Relations Department, stated that business entities and business owners in international communities have highlighted the significance of social distancing by the symbolic act of changing their logos. "The international act of tweaking logos by outstanding brands can increase society’s awareness of the global crisis caused by COVID-19. Therefore, MAHAK is the first NGO in Iran that has taken this action since it is an organization that is concerned about the health of all human beings. By this measure, MAHAK has raised awareness towards all its numerous concerns at the time of the spread of Coronavirus”, he added.

Arasb Ahmadian mentioned that MAHAK has conducted social distancing since the first day of Coronavirus spread and has announced its Coronavirus protection measures; its concerns and challenges for providing support and treatment for children with cancer; the services provided to them and the importance of caring for the fellow beings. “MAHAK’s specific measures at this time have been: Easing the process of paying the expenses of children’s treatment in line with striving to decrease commutes to MAHAK; observing the highest health security standards at MAHAK Hospital; defining remote work packages for staff; renewing MAHAK’s website and providing the possibility of having personal profiles for donors to make easier online donations; shutting down the fundraising offices till April 20 and starting the activities by observing the WHO guidelines. It should be mentioned that due to the continuous change in the conditions caused by COVID-19 the measures get reviewed and updated by MAHAK continuously”, he added.

In the end, Ahmadian highlighted that donors who live in Iran can pay to procure cancer-stricken children’s Coronavirus protection equipment through MAHAK’s website. "MAHAK children’s life has been interwoven with social distancing due to being immunocompromised and the potential to being in danger by any virus. MAHAK’s little heroes strive to win the battle against cancer and at the current situation which is tougher for them social distancing is being conducted to continue their treatment. We hope as a result of the cooperation of all human beings these days pass and healthy days come back", he concluded.