last update: 18-01-2023



Despite the necessity of social distancing caused by Coronavirus, many families have become more intimate and they talk to each other through video calls more than the past. All the family members do their best to protect themselves against the virus during the time of lockdown. It is really important that everyone stays healthy so that they can hug each other after eradication of Coronavirus.
Like all families, MAHAK upholds itself responsible to its members and tries to keep them safe and sound but far from each other and close to its heart.

Some of the measures taken to preserve the health status of MAHAK Family (children with cancer, their families, donors, staff and the whole society) are:
• Decreasing the presence and commutes of cancer-stricken children and their families in MAHAK’s social work offices all over Iran and providing facilities for better services
• Revising some of the fundraising activities and conducting new methods in line with social distancing such as shutting down the fundraising and donation box offices for more than a month and reopening them by observing WHO guidelines
• Not distributing condolence and congratulations messages and offering digital messages instead for donors
• Providing high standard health safety at MAHAK Hospital
• Defining remote work packages for the staff
• Moving nonmedical staff from Hospital to MAHAK’s Building Number 2

• Giving Coronavrius protection equipment such as facemasks and hand sanitizers to staff at MAHAK and its fundraising offices and applying WHO guidelines in distributing donation boxes asked by donors
• Conducting social distancing between the staff of MAHAK Charity
• Detecting the staff and children suspected with Coronavirus and taking actions according to the Protocols of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
Despite staying apart from each other we believe these days will pass and we will get together again.