last update: 21-11-2023



It’s been a while that Coronavirus has made us apart. We miss our loved ones and crave to go out with no worries. However, the families with immunocompromized patients (such as children with cancer) are in a different condition. They are both coping with cancer and the struggling to keep Coronavirus away. Their children have weak immune systems and still they have to leave home to continue treatment.

The concerns of treatment and its expenses is what story MAHAK has been striving to solve with donors and benefactors support; since cancer has both pain and costs! MAHAK is responsible for obviating such concerns and reassure the parents that their children’s treatment will never be hindered. This is only possible with your care and support and therefore MAHAK continues to provide supportive services by conducting social distancing and other regulations introduced by WHO.

Let’s review MAHAK’s supports and services provided to cancer-stricken children at the time of the spread of COVID-19:

  • Paying the expenses of treatment and medication while striving to reduce commutes
  • Providing 24/7psychological services
  • Social workers’ accompanying the families every day
  • Psychologists’ every day phone calls to patients hospitalized in other cities
  • Recording videos of handicraft- making by volunteers and sending them to children via social media with the aim of art-therapy
  • Recording story-telling voices by volunteers and sending them to the children via social media
  • Sending sanitizers and hygienic equipment to children and families
  • Easing the accommodation process for families who have to stay in Tehran
  • Contacting oncologists and pediatric infectious diseases specialists  to provide better services
  • Delivering food packages and Coronavirus protection equipment to cancer-stricken children since April 20
  • Providing Coronavirus protection equipment for hospitalized cancer-stricken children in Tehran and other provinces
  • Paying for the costs of medications and treatment services and supporting new cases of children with cancer while decreasing the families’ commutes
  • Covering the expenses which have been paid by families for children’s treatment in the earliest possible time
  • Receiving the prescriptions, procuring the drugs and dispatching to the families

These days we have to stay apart but our hearts remain full of hope and do our best to stay with cancer-stricken children and their families till healthy days come back.