last update: 26-10-2022



Two groups of stakeholders which MAHAK holds dear are all the members of society and its personnel. We believe it is our duty to announce what we have planned to preserve the health of these two groups; therefore, we have listed them below:

1.         MAHAK has 30 fundraising offices and desks in two cities of Tehran and Karaj to which donors can refer to make donations. We have closed 27 offices and desks to minimize commutes until further notice. Only three offices of DarAbad, Tajrish and Sattarkhan are open where all the hygienic standards are being observed.

2.         To prevent the spread of Coronavirus collecting and distributing donation boxes has been stopped until further notice.

3.         The treatment of cancer-stricken children will never be hindered; therefore, donations from inside Iran are received through our website, USSD Codes and transaction apps.

4.         To reduce commutes and keep our staff and other people safe and sound, remote work packages have been defined for the staff.

5.         We have distributed hand sanitizers and face masks among the staff.


MAHAK has the experience of providing services to cancer-stricken children and their families as a result of your trust and support and knows how to manage crises due to such background. We appreciate your constant care and support and wish you healthy days ahead